About us

Moscow Multifunctional Cultural Center is the institution established by Moscow Department of Culture for the purpose of creative formation and development among Muscovites. The Center heaved in sight of Moscow cultural life in the year of 2012 and eloquently found its niche in the field. This is a place for active, reflecting, ambitious and creative city dwellers – agents of change. They develop themselves and influence the environment around.

The area of focus comprises entrepreneurship and creative industries, mind sports, international cultural exchanges, cultural policy and art, personal performance and leadership, urban ecoculture, environment and neighborliness.

City dwellers are the most significant and crucial assets of the urban environment. They are carriers of eternal potential. Our overriding priority is their involvement into the process of urban realm improvement. More than 200000 residents have participated in our events and projects since 2012.

The center operates in the green-style office, possesses the comfortable lecture halls and multifunctional plex suitable for trainings, presentations, conferences, and concerts. We regularly issue M-digest magazine and shoot films on the subject. Moreover, the Center provides some commercial services. Moscow Multifunctional Cultural Center is the space and mind of indifferent attitude towards the city and culture. 

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